September 2010: Harvest rush at Stoll

The production of Stoll Audio is running at full blast. Currently we are making 24 off Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible and 30 off Stoll FR 2510 Compact. At the same time, our multi-level quality control ensures the best possible quality.

There is intense activity going on at Stoll Audio’s workshop. Beat Weber and his team are building one loudspeaker after the other. At present there are 24 off Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible on our production line. These systems deliver a unique sound quality and flexibility. At the same time we are making 30 off Stoll FR 2510 Compact which, owing to their versatility and cost effectiveness, attract wide interest.

Production preparation for Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible

Stoll Audio produces on a just-in-time basis. With our optimised warehousing we can make our sound reinforcement systems available to the customers at the desired time. A special production feature is the quality control for which we use standardised procedures. During its manufacture each Stoll loudspeaker runs through at least six control processes, ranging from the components to our comprehensive final check. Thus we can guarantee the best possible quality. Our six-year warranty period underlines the intrinsic value of our products. For a test we would gladly place our systems to your disposal.

November 2010: Audio quality = material + competence

To realise a good sound at a given venue, you need to have high-quality equipment. But this alone won’t do, because you also need to know how to use it. Training and experience, yet also open-mindedness to new solutions and external consulting will bring forth unusually good results.

Demanding event managers want a good sound. As an installer or renter, you therefore need high-quality products. The Stoll loudspeakers deliver a superb acoustic performance. However, the material is only part of the result:  the user competence is at least as important. When incorrectly placed or driven, even a top-class system can only yield mediocre results. Hence well-skilled staff is of great significance. As a lecturer for audio systems at the ffton (Fachschule für Tontechnik in Zürich ≈ Technical College for Sound Engineering in Zurich), Dominik Stoll contributes his share to the professionalisation of the audio branch. The ffton offers an extra occupational training course for male and female sound engineers with a Swiss qualification diploma.

Competence in sound reinforcement technology: A presentation by Dominik Stoll (light & sound Luzern, October 2010)

At the light & sound, the Swiss trade show for event technology, Stoll Audio was present as an exhibitor. In addition Dominik Stoll was giving lectures on PA technology on the ffton stage, demonstrating the Stoll Convertible Stack (three Stoll CFR 2610 Convertibles and one Stoll IL 3500 Infralow per side). Apart from technical information Dominik Stoll put special emphasis on the user know-how, underscoring the importance of training, but also of experience which in turn requires open-mindedness; people who are not open to new things, can’t broaden their horizon. The communication with others and a network of competent partners will also help achieve prime results. Audio companies should focus on their strong points and call in external advisors when faced with difficult situations. Because a good audio quality makes the customers happy. And happy customers will become returning customers.

February 2010: Widmer Sound with Stoll “Convi” (Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible)

February 2010 – Widmer Sound is a company from Uster which has specialised on live sound. While striving for better sound, the owner - who works as a FOH and monitor technician and also as system engineer - came into contact with the products and services from Stoll Audio. In 2008, after a thorough evaluation, Widmer Sound bought six “Convis“ (Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible). In addition to the unique sound quality, their multifunctionality is another outstanding benefit for the renter who takes care of the sound with his Stoll CFR 2610 Convertibles at over 40 events each year.

Widmer Sound wit Stoll Line Array Loudspeaker

Andy Widmer and Alex Bolis (Widmer Sound) setting up the Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible in the Stadthofsaal Uster

The Widmer Sound GmbH (Uster/ZH) was founded in early 2008 and has specialised on live sound. Apart from owner Andy Widmer, who works as a FOH and monitor technician and also as a system engineer, the company employs three freelancers. Andy Widmer became active in the audio sector in the year 2000. Whereas in the beginning he was mixing only punk concerts, he soon felt like having a PA system of his own. Until 2005 he was using the products from a German manufacturer, but then switched to the loudspeakers of a friend in the rental business. On his search for better sound he came into contact with the products and services from Stoll Audio. Following a thorough evaluation in 2008, he decided on buying six “Convis“ (Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible).

Widmer Sound is in charge of about 80 events each year, in more than 50 per cent with the Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible. “I use the Convi preferably at such events where the audience is listening closely. For one thing, these are contests, CD release parties and dialect stage acts“, says Widmer. “On the other hand we use it for performances where precision and intelligibility are of paramount importance, like e.g. choir concerts. Especially for acoustic programme material the Convi is nothing short of spectacular!“

Andy Widmer also greatly appreciates the multifunctional qualities of the CFR 2610 Convertible which may be used both as a line or point source. „Besides the use as line array with at least three Convis stacked vertically, I sometimes combine one Convi as point source radiator with two 18“ subs and get very good results, which is another strong point of the system“.

The system is used at events with up to 1000 visitors. Even on such large-scale occasions Andy Widmer did not yet push the system to the limit and he is very pleased that the acoustic reproduction retains its neutral character even at higher sound pressure levels. On balance he is highly satisfied with the Convi: “I had realised right from the start that this is a superb high-quality system. But also the feedback from the audience, organisers and musicians – good, precise rendition; clean and clear sound – keeps proving me that you can get unique results out of this system“. However, this is not a loudspeaker for everyone: “To bring out the best in the Convi, the whole signal chain should include only high-grade components and the system be operated by discerning and competent users. Only that way one can truly exploit the potential of this loudspeaker.“

Please visit this link for further information about the Stoll CFR 2610 Convertible.

March 2010: Peacock Sound with Shiva / Stoll since 1997

Peacock Sound (Koelliken, Switzerland) offers services in the fields of live and studio sound technology. The company is in charge of about 120 events per year. For twelve years Matthias Haueter, the owner of Peacock Sound, has maintained a cooperation with Stoll Audio. In February 2010 Haueter upgraded his equipment rental park with eight Stoll FR 2510 Compact high-power fullrange and monitor loudspeakers.

Peacock Sound is an owner-run audio firm that rents and installs sound systems and also offers various services in the fields of live and studio sound technology. Above the warehouse and the vendors dock in Koelliken (Aargau, Switzerland) the recording studio is located on the 1st floor. Peacock Sound is in charge of about 120 events per year, spanning a bandwidth from concerts and discos to conferences to company events. For more than twelve years Matthias Haueter, the owner of Peacock Sound, has maintained a cooperation with Stoll Audio.

From Shiva FR 1812 and Shiva B-118 …
“I came to know Stoll Audio, who still called themselves Shiva Audiotechnik Stoll then, on the music fair in Luzern back in 1997“, says Matthias Haueter. “At that time I had already been active in the audio business for more than ten years. I wanted to replace my old loudspeakers and had different manufacturers send me their offers.“ After a thorough investigation Haueter decided to purchase eight Shiva FR 1812 PA and monitor loudspeakers plus seven Shiva B-118 subwoofers. „To me those systems represented a tremendous added value, especially when it comes to reproducing voices and acoustic instruments.“

Peacock with Shiva Stoll LoudspeakersMatthias Haueter (Peacock Sound) with Shiva FR 1812 and Stoll FR 1810 Mini

... to Stoll Extended Top and Stoll FR 2510 Compact
When his system hit the wall of its possible output, Peacock Sound rented some additional Shiva FR 2206 each time to be able to fill events of up to 2,500 people with sound. For large events Haueter then decided to buy the PA top of a renowned German manufacturer. But he was never completely satisfied with it. True, the system produced a delicate hifi-like sound, yet at higher sound pressure levels the sonic balance fell apart and the sound became harsh and biting. In 2009 he made a comparison between his existing systems and the Stoll Extended Top (Stoll FR 2708 Standard Top in combination with the Stoll XTL 2700 Standard Extender). Matthias Haueter: “These two systems were poles apart. The Extended Top has a much more voluminous, fatter sound and showcases a finer resolution with greatly enhanced musicality. Spatiality and stereo location are also beyond comparison.“ This is why he decided to buy four Extended Tops. With them and supported by twelve subwoofers, he already delivered the right sound at open airs with up to 1500 visitors.

Harmonious, versatile and robust
But Matthias Haueter has also been sold on the smaller systems. For instance he is captivated by the Stoll FR 1810 Mini which he uses for smaller events. “These all-purpose loudspeakers have stood the test both as monitors and mini PA. Not long ago I had a powerrock party band in my store. The musicians who at first were sneering at the little Minis loved them after the concert.“ The multifunctionality of the Stoll systems is another big advantage for Haueter. Yet reliability and quality are likewise very important criteria: “In all those years I haven’t received one single negative feedback about the loudspeakers. Apart from musicians and consumers, audio firms who represent other well-known brands can also be counted among my project partners. I keep getting very positive responses from them, too.“ In his recording studio Haueter uses loudspeakers from Stoll Audio as well. 

Into a sustainable future
The services by Stoll Audio were also employed by him already several times. With his studio expansion, the planning of a sound absorber wall, but also with installation works Matthias Haueter drew on Stoll Audio’s know-how. “Dominik Stoll has a profound knowledge in acoustics, so you have to take your time to really get the whole picture. But for sustainable results it’s definitely worthwhile to get support from Stoll Audio.“ The competence in acoustics and its practical realisation in the products entail that Matthias Haueter will also gladly be working with Stoll Audio’s services and products in the future. So for instance, in February 2010 he upgraded the Peacock Sound rental park with eight Stoll FR 2510 Compact high-power fullrange and monitor loudspeakers.

February 2010: Basel Scala Hall - Stoll Custom Line Array in reliable use for ten years

February 2010 – Ten years ago Stoll Audio was charged with the installation of a custom-made line array for the Scala hall in Basel. In this location with its 390 seats up to five events take place every week. Apart from various dance, ballet and theatre performances the hall is also used for company presentations, political speeches and concerts. Each of the two permanently installed loudspeaker columns is 3920 mm high, 204 mm wide and 152 mm deep. The loudspeakers were designed to deliver an even sound dispersion, a very good voice intelligibility as well as a broadband, neutral sounding music reproduction.

In 2000 Stoll Audio was in charge of installing a tailor-made line array in the Scala hall in Basel. The hall has 390 seats, arranged in ascending tiers and a stage which is 14 metres wide and 9 metres deep. Up to five events are held every week in this location. Apart from various dance, ballet and theatre performances the hall is also used for company presentations, political speeches and concerts. Tommy Otte, the technical director at the Basel Scala since 2002: “We are a professional stage in the cultural sphere. The technical infrastructure must be adapted to what’s happening on stage, because professionals want to work with professional equipment.“

Stoll Shiva SP1 Line Array Scala Basel

Stoll /Shiva SP1 Line Arrays (left and right next to the stage)

The two permanently installed loudspeaker columns are 3920 mm high, 204 mm wide and 152 mm deep. They consist of five vertically stacked elements each with six low-mid woofer chassis and 14 HF drivers, working together as line arrays. The bass range is complemented by two B-118 subwoofers located in nishes under the stage. The system is driven by Lab.gruppen controllers and power amplifiers.

Stoll Shiva Line Array Loudspeaker

Stoll / Shiva SP1 Custom Line Array on the right side of the stage

The loudspeakers were designed to deliver a sound dispersion of +/- 3 dB on more than 90% of the seats, a very high voice intelligibility as well as a broadband, neutral and preferably uncoloured music reproduction. Not only the acoustical parameters, but also the integration into the architecture of the hall, which was built following anthroposophical guidelines, were a crucial factor for the customers. “I’m definitely happy with sound rendition and coverage“, says Tommy Otte. “But what thrills me most about the installed sound system, is its reliability. We didn’t have a single system failure in all those years. We need to depend 100% on our gear, and the installed system from Stoll Audio offers this dependability“.


Stoll Custom Architectural Loudspeaker Systems



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