September 2014: Stoll FR 2010 Blaster at Seengen Primary School

 Stoll FR2010 Blaster im Schulhaus in SeonStoll FR 2010 Blaster

Illustration: The school auditorium fitted with the Stoll FR 2010 Blaster

For the new sound system in the assembly hall of the school building in Seengen Negro Veranstaltungstechnik AG decided to go for the ultra-compact fullrange speaker Stoll FR 2010 Blaster in white.

Those 3-way speakers driven by Lab.Gruppen power amplifiers deliver a rich lowrange without additional subwoofers, while they also produce a sound pressure level that is even suitable for small live bands. Their wide, constant directivity pattern of 100x100 degrees covers the entire room well and allows a discrete flying installation, far enough from the room boundaries to reduce annoying early reflections.


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