February 2015: Powerchord to convince with sound from Stoll

Simon Münger & Dominik Stoll

From right to left: Simon Münger from Powerchord and Dominik Stoll on delivery

Very rarely did we have such a demanding customer: no less than twice the guys from Powerchord GmbH put the Stoll Standard Stack, driven by Lab. Gruppen, to the test and A/B’d our highly proven system to systems from other top brands in a similar price and performance category.

So we were all the more delighted when the message reached us that Powerchord had decided to go with Stoll.

Besides the well-known reliability it was the sound quality, power and practicability that convinced in a homogeneous total package – and this at a price in the lower range of the competitors field. The obvious availability of Stoll loudspeakers in the pool made the decision for Powerchord an easy one.

Stoll Standard Stack

Stoll Standard Stack

The well stackable Stoll Standard System, consisting of top, extender plus subs, captivates by its very flexible scaling, because already a single top can be employed fullrange. Driven by two Lab.Gruppen IPD 2400 per side, the subs can also be used in an active four-way cardioid mode.


Powerchord Veranstaltung

We wish the Powerchord company best success with the convincing sound from Stoll.

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