November 2014: Lab.Gruppen PLM+ Series

Lab.Gruppen PLM+

PLM+ the new touring flagship of Lab.Gruppen
The new Touring Series PLM+ with the models PLM20k44 and PLM12k44 is based on the proven and brilliant concept of the PLM 20000Q.

+ 4 analogue & 4 digital inputs, 4 x 3 kW or 4 x 5 kW output power resp.
+ Double computing power due to four Lake Processing modules
+ Owing to the Rational Power Management (RPM) the output power can be flexibly allocated to the four output channels
The new PLM+ Series by Lab.Gruppen can be ordered as of now.

Moreover we would like to point you to the LUCIA Installer Series, which so far has gone largely unnoticed.
The LUCIA Series follows an all new, decentralised approach that is perfectly suited for AV solutions in restaurants, in the retail trade, in meeting rooms and lecture theatres.
The easy-to-handle, scalable and cost-effective LUCIA Series is distinguished by a minimal energy consumption as well as unique DSP algorithms such as Auto Load Sensing, Look-Ahead Limiter and Loudness Contouring (only on M models).

Our current Lab.Gruppen price list can be downloaded here.


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